Community engagement

As a modern IT company, WhizUs takes its responsibility seriously and supports the community not only by organizing events, but also through open source projects. Here is an overview of our work.

Open Source

We take our closeness to the community seriously and thus also try to contribute to open source projects.

Golang Logo
Go Opendistro

A self-written Go client for Opendistro, which we have made open source.

Link to the project


Kubernetes Logo
Kubernetes Gateway API

We contribute directly to the development of new Kubernetes features such as the Gateway API. There, we were able to improve the often occurring use case of splitting write and read requests with the help of routing rules.

K8sGPT Logo

We actively contribute to the development of Kubernetes superpowers through K8sGPT!

Keptn Logo

We help advance automated delivery and operations in the cloud-native environment so applications can scale up to large number of services with ease.

RenovateBot Logo

By updating and creating new Renovate managers (e.g. Rancher Fleet) we try to give back to the Renovate and to the open source community.

OpenAPM Logo
Open APM

We are happy to support OpenAPM and have added OpenTelemetry format and Collector abilities.


Everything else we support and do not want to leave unmentioned.

Mozilla Common Voice Logo
Mozilla Common Voice Contributor

We donate our voice to the project Common Voice which was created and maintained by Mozilla.

Link to the project