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With over 5 years of experience in Kubernetes consulting and our expertise in environments that orchestrate and manage hundreds or even thousands of containers, we are the ideal partner for building your Kubernetes environment.

Security hardening, setting up monitoring and alerting, dynamic infrastructure scaling, providing a developer platform to accelerate the entire software lifecycle, and building a modern CI/CD pipeline using GitOps are all experiences we have.

With extensive experience in container platforms in public cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, as well as years of experience with different Kubernetes distributions, we are the ideal partner who provides the solution tailored to your company from the numerous solutions offered.

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Kubernetes is a powerful tool for dynamically scaling IT within your own company. However, the flexibility of the environment also comes with great complexity and new challenges. How do I set up monitoring in a container-based microservice environment? Which system architecture do I choose when switching to Kubernetes? How do I design my deployment and release workflow? With our services, you won't waste time and won't fall into pitfalls that we, as experts, know all too well.

Container Orchestration

Different use cases require different scaling and orchestration capabilities. Work with us as a partner and deploy data-rich deployments, stateless applications, and central infrastructure services sustainably manageable on your new container orchestration.

Dynamic Scaling

Scale your environment according to your needs and use internal on-premises or cloud resources efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether it's horizontal scaling of individual containers or comprehensive up and downscaling of individual environments (e.g., shutting down development environments at night or temporary environments for load and performance testing), we bring the experience you need to cover your use case with the right tooling.

Container Security

Do you want to secure your environment network-wise and protect individual containers from unauthorized access? Then this service is right for you. We start with the development of applications and implement security mechanisms throughout the entire software lifecycle, so that your container environment is not only efficient but also secure.


In your environment, hundreds or even thousands of containers are running. You have to analyze numerous logs and metrics and don't want to search the entire system in case of an error. With every container environment we build, we ensure that an individual, tailored central logging, metric monitoring, and tracing is implemented to meet your needs. Targeted alerting is also included, of course.

Platform Engineering

The term Platform Engineering is new, but building a developer or self-service portal is an old hat for us. With a developer background and years of experience in building various portals in companies, we have been experts in this field for years to implement a platform that actually supports your development workflow and developers. Our platforms "should" not only be used, they "want" to be used.

CI/CD & GitOps

With modern tools like Flux, ArgoCD, and other CI/CD tools, there are numerous possibilities for designing your pipeline and release processes. We are familiar with a variety of requirements, including hotfixes, release bundles, release notes, infrastructure updates vs. software updates, dependency management, bundled versioning, release testing, and auditing. Each environment is unique and requires a customized pipeline.

Open Telemetry
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We help you take advantage of the new possibilities while considering the challenges to adapt the container environment to your needs. Direct contact with you is important to us! Speak to our certified experts:

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