Cybertrap - CI/CD

Cybertrap - CI/CD


Cybertrap is an innovative security solution that traps attackers using deception technology in an IT infrastructure to analyze them and potentially determine their identity.

Due to the modernization of the architecture into microservices, the lead time of the current software pipeline has increased. To optimize the lead time of the entire delivery process for new versions, the development workflow and build pipeline needed to be modernized and optimized. Additionally, the organizational effort required for a release needed to be reduced, and the pipeline needed to be technologically upgraded.


Together with the client, we analyzed the current software pipeline and defined initial optimizations to reduce the lead time of software delivery.

To simplify handling dependencies, the build system was switched to multi-project builds. The development workflow and release process were redesigned and implemented. The build, test, image build, and release processes were set up anew. Multi-branch pipelines were introduced in the build process to allow developers to test feature branches themselves.


One consequence of modernizing the build tool and introducing multi-branch pipelines is an increase in the stability of the "main" branch of the software, which serves as the basis for delivering the Cybertrap security solution. This enables the early detection and resolution of breaking changes in dependencies for a software change, often before merging into the "main" branch.

By changing the development workflow and optimizing the delivery pipeline, multiple releases can now be built and delivered per day, compared to 1-3 releases per quarter previously.