Neuman Aluminium - Warehouse Transaction Interface

Neuman Aluminium - Warehouse Transaction Interface

Mobile-first development of the user interface for mobile scanners and the associated backend interfaces. Close collaboration with the internal team under Rudolf Czirny to correctly link all actions via SOAP to the workflows developed in the ERP system for all warehouse transactions (from transfers and inventory to corrections, goods receipt and dispatch note printing). Input is done by scanning barcodes or manually entering data.

Development of CI/CD pipelines for automated deployment of the application to different warehouses.

After initial use across Europe, the application has been operational in North America since August 2020 and can now boast nearly one million transfers, several hundred thousand picking operations and loading scans, and over 30,000 issued delivery notes.

  • Customer Neuman Aluminium Industries
  • Service Agile Softwareentwicklung & CI/CD
  • Technologies Angular, Spring, Gitlab CI
  • Timespan 2020, 2021