Die Teilnahme an Konferenzen ist für uns ein wesentlicher Bestandteil als Community nahes Unternehmen. Neben Sponsoring und Talks versuchen wir auch mit Gewinnspielen und anderen Ideen die Events zu unterstützen.

  • KCD Logo

    Kubernetes Community Days Austria

    As gold sponsor and part of the organizations team, we are looking forward to meeting you at the first KCD held in Vienna.

  • DevOpsPro Logo

    DevOpsPro 2023 Vilnius

    Stop Building Delivery Pipelines, Start Leveraging Lifecycle Events for True Cloud-Native Delivery! von Thomas Schuetz.

  • Acceler8 Logo

    Acceler8 2022 Vienna

    Sustainability reporting built on top of a scalable, multi-instance SaaS platform von Erik Auer und Sven Schubert.

  • sec4dev Logo

    sec4dev Bootcamp

    Kubernetes Security Deep Dive von Dimitrij Klesev und Filip Nikolic.

  • Scaleup360 Logo

    Scaleup 360 Continuous Delivery & Automation DACH

    Sprecher Roland Feichtinger und Erik Auer.

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Wir fördern gerne den Austausch von begeisterten, IT interessierten Personen in der Community und geben daher selber unser Wissen bei unterschiedlichsten Talks weiter. In Wien übernehmen wir regelmäßig die Organisation des Vienna DevOps & Security Meetups.

Cloud Native Innsbruck
23 Nov 2023 @ Cloud Native Innsbruck: First Meetup

It's getting real! The first Cloud Native Meetup in Innsbruck sponsored by suxess-it will take place on November 23rd. We've got some very interesting talks from local speakers, as well as enough space for networking and technical discussions in the backpack. The talks at this meetup will be held in german language. The location will be released very soon.

Vienna DevOps and Security Meetup
06 Sep 2023 @ Vienna DevOps and Security Meetup - DevOps Quiz Edition

This Meetup is hosted by our friends from Glasskube and is packed full of fun, games, DevOps and a Pub Quiz. Manavjot Singh and Hipolit Badowski will be telling us how Open Source Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) can simplify cloud-native on-premise configurations and cut costs in operations. Philip Miglinci from Glasskube will show us how they created a Kubernetes Operator in Kotlin. Finally, Daniel Drack from FullStackS will help us only committing useful (and secure) things in our git repos but also how to run SAST tools in your build process.

Location Sponsoring by WhizUs
13 Jun 2023 @ GrafanaCON Local Vienna

Join members of your local Grafana community for a two-hour meetup featuring a presentation on Grafana 10 followed by Q&A with your local Grafana experts. You’ll have time to chat with fellow developers, get to know the Grafanistas in your area, and most importantly: collect stickers.

Talk, Pizza and Beer | Thomas S.
31 May 2023 @ Cloud Native Computing Meetup Graz | AI, and K8s

In this edition of the Cloud Native Meetup Graz, you will learn how to solve Kubernetes Mysteries with K8sGPT. Pizza and Beer are on us!

Talk & Meetup Organisation | Erik A. & Thomas S.
10 May 2023 @ K8sGPT & A guide to accessible websites

In the joint event with OpenValue Vienna Meetup Group you'll learn how to gain SRE Superpowers with K8sGPT along with how to make websites more accessible.

Talk & Meetup Organisation | Erik A. & Dimitrij K.
13 Apr 2023 @ Cloud Native, Kubernetes and Security Meetup

"Modern Cloud Development", presented by Dimitrij Klesev and "Connecting and Securing Clusters Across Clouds with Cilium Cluster Mesh and Service Mesh", presented by Raymond de Jong.

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